When it comes to working in a restaurant, you need to realize that the environment can get particularly competitive. Besides, you must also not forget the fact that a job at a restaurant may sound like an easy one, however, it can get pretty stressful as the novelty wears off and this stands true for every position that you may want to consider. Besides, climbing up the ladder can be a daunting task as you may have to fulfil certain number of years and other requirements before you can be eligible to apply for a particular position that may have opened. The same rule applies for a McDonald’s application as well; however, this does not mean that you cannot expect to get a promotion in the restaurant that you are working in. If you possess the right set of skills and are dedicated towards your job, you can certainly make the cut with a few simple tips enlisted below.

1.)   Always keep your resume up to scratch: A promotion opportunity can come knocking at your door at any given point of time and therefore, it is important that you stay alert and prepared instead of sulking later. Therefore, if you have been in the same or different restaurant for quite some time and have handled one or more areas of the restaurant, put it down in writing in your resume and also include the different posts you have worked on and the experience that you have gained. It is also a good idea to include the different kinds of training, if any; that you may have received that can act as an incentive in getting you the promotion.

2.)   Be more proactive and forthcoming: As a rule of thumb, you must aim at looking out for those minute opportunities that can give you exposure into the areas that you would like to work in at a later stage. For instance, if you wish to work at a higher managerial post, you must make sure that you closely observe the working pattern of your manager and take over his activities more confidently in situations where he cannot supervise or exercise his control. This will give the employment team a positive vibe about your existence and when applying for a higher position, you may get preference. This will also be a plus on your resume.

3.)   Take up additional courses that can help you advance in your career: This holds true especially if you are looking for a promotion in the kitchen department of the restaurant job. To put it simply, a professional training as a chef in either cuisine or pastry can help you get better kitchen jobs at a restaurant and this can also reflect positively when looking for a promotion.

4.)   Make an effort by being more dedicated and investing more time: It goes without saying that a promotion in a restaurant comes more easily when you have invested a particular number of years in the restaurant in question or the job position that you are currently working on. Therefore, if you have given in your time with a thorough amount of dedication, you can be sure that your McDonalds application will bear a good result if you are seeking promotion.

5.)   Look at other restaurants offering a higher position: If you have followed all of the aforementioned points but have still failed to secure a promotion, then it may be time that you looked elsewhere. Keep your eyes open for any job openings that might meet your requirements.

Author’s Bio: Sandra Hepburn works at the HR department of a well-known hotel and has past experience of examining McDonald’s application. She has professionally trained as a culinary chef and has majored in management.

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