Job market scenarios are never the same, there may be times when the job market remains inundated with opportunities and there may be days when finding a job turns out to be the most difficult task. The latter is very much certain in a weak and soft economy, where job seekers may toil hard to bag a job of their choice, especially if one is a college graduate and is at the start of their career.

With slowdowns in the job market, companies narrow their operations and recruiters restrict their hiring activities to the potential candidates. This creates stern competition and bagging a job in such a situation may be more difficult than ever, but there are no reasons to give up. For those who are at the start of their career and looking for opportunities in the low job market, this article will aid in identifying your accomplishments and crafting a resume that bags you great job opportunities.

Resume that catches eyes

Drafting a resume that is simple yet attractive and interactive is the need. Start from the basic things, like name, address and date and then move on to important sections as in job objectives, skills and competencies. Mention the credential summary. It highlights your important accomplishments; in fact it is a simple description of what you have done in your academic career and how well you have done it.

While comprising the important details above, check to affirm that everything is compiled in the chronological order. Remember, a resume is the first step to your dream job and the first tool used to grab reader’s attention, therefore it should be devoid of errors. On the go, give heed to prepare a functional resume, it gives you a chance to present your skills in a new way using a different format.

Hook to the Internet

Imagine if you are non-stop hunting for a job, but unable to get it in sluggish economy, keep your anxieties aside and just relax. There may be situations when you are burned out and tired of sending applications, but do not get any response, then probably you need to probe and analyze whether you are reaching the right employers or not and what is the medium used.

If so far you are relying on newspapers and traditional forms of job hunting, it is high time that you switch on to the internet. Spend some quality time and perform rigorous searches to find the right employers. Many big players use online portals to hire employees and frequently update about the vacant profiles. It is cost-effective and a swifter way to reach prospective professionals. In fact, an online job hunt and interviews are very much prevalent. Adapt to the changes and apply to great job opportunities.

Flexible Approach

Weak job market may pose challenges, so adopt a flexible approach and move ahead.  It is not necessary that you get a job that exactly matches your skills and pay you big. The scenario may go differently. There may be opportunities which are slightly different from your expected profile and expects you to simply be creative and do something new. If you agree and are willing to explore new dimensions, then you will tend to get high attention from the recruiters.

Stay Determined

Though it is not as easy to find a job in weak market, it is doable. Be determined. Many candidates get disappointed and lose their focus, but this adds to the negative trait. Don’t lose your focus and stay strong-minded. Use your time and efforts wisely, reach out to different players. Stay self-motivated, confident and on your toes to response to the opportunities well on time.

Interview Preparation

The Job market is feeble, but the level of interview complexity remains exactly the same or even more, with fewer opportunities and more candidates. The hiring manager may restrict their search to professionals who are skilled, intelligent, articulate, a team player, energetic and hold loyalty. Make sure to reveal these traits to the employers. Besides this, there are different questions raised by the recruiter. Get to know them and find appropriate answers to have a fluent and interactive interview session:-

  • Why shall we hire you?
  • What are your strengths?
  • Where you see yourself five years down the line?
  • How can you be an asset to the organization?
  • How you evaluate yourself?
  • Describe a difficult project situation and how you overcame it?
  • Tell about yourself?
  • How to handle stress and pressure?

Author Bio Subhadra Bhadauria is dedicated writer with renowned educational site, She apprises aspiring students about different educational fields such as, engineering, journalism and acting career and compiles some important interview tips. She has completed her masters in mass communication and engages herself in novel writings.

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