The law is a tough and challenging profession to make a mark in. there are many steps that you have to undertake in order to achieve your goals. First there is the behemoth of law school that you have to get through. Once the law school is done with, there is the bar exams. After crossing all those hurdles, it’s time to get hired by a law firm.

There are different kinds of law firms that you can apply to. Some like the apple law group debt settlement firms specialize in debt/finance related cases. Depending on your choice of specialization you can apply to the firms of your choice. The tough part then is, getting hired. You really need to hone your interview skills in order to ace that job.

Here are the crucial steps before you set out for that interview:

 Do your homework

Here, this means researching the law firm that you are applying for. For example, if you are applying to firms like apple law group debt settlement then find out about what they do, what their clients are like, etc. Make them believe that you took the initiative to find out more about them and that they were your first choice.

You can find out about your employers using online resources like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc. Take a look at their company website and look up news articles regarding them, if any.

What is your job description?

You must have an idea of what the firm expects from you. Whether you are applying for an internship or an associate post, always know what your job description is, and what you are being asked to do.

If the job description is given, then it becomes easy. However, if it isn’t, then go the extra mile and find out what your role entails. You can impress your interviewers by being focused and eager to learn.

Know your own stories

Talking about yourself doesn’t just end at the resume. Your resume might have impressed your employers enough to have landed you the interview. However, at the interview, they are going to be asking you questions whose answers will have to be in the form of stories.

For example, the selectors might ask you to tell them about a time where you had to multitask under pressure? Or you were given the responsibility of managing a large diverse team? You have to keep some narratives prepared beforehand so that you don’t waste time thinking about it during the interview.

Be prepared for the common questions

There are some questions that you will be asked. These include:

  • Tell us about yourself.
  • Why did you choose law?
  • Why did you decide to apply to this law firm?
  • What are the qualities of a good lawyer and how do you fit in?
  • Which area of law interests you the most?
  • Why should we hire you over the other applicants?

Be prepared for these usual googlies.

Ask questions

The interview is also a chance for you to ask some questions. It also shows your diligence and enthusiasm to the selectors. At the end of the interview, you can ask questions regarding their expectations, the culture of the company, etc. It shows interest on your part.

Don’t forget the magic words!

The interview also depends on impressions made. At the end of the interview, don’t rush out like a bat out of hell. Thank them for their time and patience, and then make a composed exit.

About the author

Harry James is a lawyer specializing in debt and finance. He has been working in firms like apple law group debt settlement for the last decade. Harry loves hiking in the countryside with his wife and daughter, on weekends.

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