Being new is not fun especially when you are inexperienced. It is almost (or maybe it is) like being in a shark tank, and the sharks are circling. Career advice for women is important because women face unique challenges in the workplace.

The following are three tips that will help you transition into your new career.

First & Foremost: Stand up tall, and acknowledge you did it!  Whatever you have done until this point was in preparation for this career. After all, the recruiter who hired you saw something in you, and knew you would be a great addition to the companies strategic resources. You may be a newbie, but you have skills. Take sometime, and write them down. Keep them where you can have them at a moments notice.  When you are feeling inadequate, stressed, or frustrated, pull the list out and recite it like a mantra. Whatever happens, you worked to get where you are now, and that can’t be taken away by anyone.

Second: Live in your orientation period as long as you can, or need.  So often when starting a new career we are apt to try and prove ourselves. It is kind of like when you were a kid, and you couldn’t wait to be older. Then suddenly you are older, and you wished you just enjoyed being in the moment more.  The problem is you need to give yourself enough time to ease into a new career. Before taking on responsibility think about it. Is it too much too soon?

Third: Ask for a mentor if one has not been assigned to you.  Think of this person as your guidance counselor to your new career. They should be available to answer questions, and help ease you into your new career successfully.  1A mentor can also help you navigate the social hierarchy at your new career, and help you make connections. They can help with really important stuff like where the bathroom is located, and where you can get office supplies.

So there you go! It won’t always be rainbows and butterflies. Not everyone will be your buddy, or pal. Then again that is not really the goal. The goal is for you to smoothly transition into your new career.

Author Bio: Diana Neal graduated in 2012 from the University of Colorado with a MS in nursing with a focus in healthcare informatics.  She is currently participating in an internship with an online marketing company. She spends a great deal of time in front of her computer writing, researching, and participating in outreach. If you are interested in an online marketing internship she highly recommends you give it a try. You can connect with her at

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