Many of the best sales people shudder at the very thought of cold calling.  However, successful and effective cold calling can be the difference between a business turning a massive profit or making a huge loss.

Cold calling can be an extremely empowering and fulfilling career path for the right candidate. Here are six things to consider before you apply for a job in this dynamic industry:

1. Positive Attitude

A cold call is often the first contact a customer will have with your company and product. Because of this, it is important this first contact is positive and leaves a lasting impression.

Cold calling is all about creating rapport and, because the only contact the customer has with the seller is over the phone, it is important to sound enthusiastic and upbeat.

2. Sincerity

Let’s be honest, cold calls can be intrusive and irritating, especially if approached in the wrong manner. If the customer reacts negatively, the caller should be able to apologise and genuinely mean it! Even if the customer isn’t interested in  buying your product they will associate your product with a sincere voice at the end of the phone, possibly leading to sales down the road.

3. Preparation

The vast majority of companies who use cold callers have a script for their employees to follow. It is important that you put in the time to learn this script from top to bottom. A well prepared caller sounds natural and at ease on the phone. This is projected to the customer and will lead to more sales.

4. Sensitivity

A good cold caller will be sensitive to the reactions of the customers, and they will be able to react quickly to changes in mood. The seller can then reign back if they are coming on too strongly or move onto topics that are more relevant to that specific customer.

5. Politeness

The old saying is that manners go a long way, and this couldn’t be more applicable. A well mannered salesperson is far more likely to get a positive response from customers. This is especially relevant when calling gatekeepers such as secretaries. Becoming frustrated with gatekeepers will lead to them passing on this vibe to their manager.

6. Persistence

Even for the best cold callers, not every phone call results in a sale. One of the hallmarks of a successful seller is persistence and the ability to approach each call with optimism. If you allow yourself to become defeated by negative responses it will translate to other calls you make.

This post was written by Mark Enright on behalf of Upfront Business Development who specialize in successful business growth.

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