If you’re revving up your job search, then it comes at the right time. Job hires are picking up, and 162,000 jobs were added in July, writes the Los Angeles Times. Available jobs were in higher-paying manufacturing positions, and others were lower-paid roles in restaurants, hotels and retail outlets.

Land the next stop in your career with these techniques for finding jobs, sending a online job applications and quickly get noticed by companies

1. Social Media
Many of us are already regularly using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites for personal purposes. A recent Bullhorn Reach report found that 21 percent of recruiters hunt for candidates through LinkedIn. First, get a high-quality current headshot of yourself to use across all your social sites. Next, reach out to contacts. You can connect your email accounts to see colleagues and other people in the industry who have gone social.

2.  Social Search
Tools like hashtags on Twitter can connect you to job openings and hiring companies. Not familiar with hashtags? Type in terms at Twitter search like #realestatejobs or #realestate to find job leads or information about the current job market in that industry. Use the name of your local town or city to make the search more geo-specific.

3. Network
Can you accurately describe your skills and talents in a 10-second pitch? For those real estate jobs, use this as an example, “I’ve got extensive experience in residential and commercial real estate transactions. I keep tabs on industry trends through social media, and my goal is to move into a new role with a large developer or similar real estate company.” This pitch summarizes your background, knowledge and career aspirations all in one sound bite. Attend industry events in your area to meet other professionals and get a sense of the job availability.

4. Internet Resources
Check out, a site that aggregates online job applications from many of the country’s leading retailers, including apparel, fast food, entertainment and more. The site also offers video advice and tips on how to apply for interviews with leaders like Target, Costco, Walmart, Pizza Hut and others.

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