When it comes to a resume, you should always adapt it properly. It always depends on the position you want to get. According to college paper writing experts from SolidEssay.com, it is always suitable to simply include only those reports that are relevant for the recipient.

Keep in mind

Obviously, the commercial director of an international company does not care who you baby sited for. By contrast, the German or Chinese course you are studying is very interesting! Plan the proper structure adapted to the desired workplace or company.

Beam sections & rank the information in order of importance- Include:

  • Marital status.
  • Work experience.
  • Training, languages, points of interest, etc. Mention your duties with precision and, above all, your success!

Look after the presentation:

  • A one-page CV is common when you’re starting your career, but after years of experience you may need to go for two pages.

The essentials:

  • A simple image.
  • A clear look.
  • A legible text with titles and captions.
  • Make a simple chart in advance and use it as a guide.

Include a photo!

  • It’s a good way to stand out from other candidates.
  • A good image increases your chances of getting a good position.
  • Choose a photo with high quality and put it into the top of the resume. This will allow Human Resources to identify you and to associate your face with the resume.
  • Avoid fancy pictures of postures and whole body.
  • Select a passport picture, which will be easily recognized.

Avoid giving too much information!

  • Your resume should be as simple and light as possible.
  • It is absurd to reveal it all.
  • You can give more information in the interview.

The resume is the first thing Human Resources will be getting from you. Therefore, you must pay full attention and prepare it carefully to make them feel like they have to immediately hire you!


The first thing you read on a resume is the title. It must correspond to your profession and your skills. Choose it carefully, as it will give guidance. 


You should go for consistently classified information. Divide it into different sections:

  • Work Experience
  • Training
  • Leisure & more.

Hierarchy of the sections will be based on your profile.


  • One type of information in each section! Remember to highlight the experience that is worthwhile and details on each part.  Specify the name of the companies for which you’ve worked, and indicate its location.
  • Be concise and do not write anything, then you cannot demonstrate in the interview.


Avoid long sentences, complete and useless details. The Human Resources do not have time to read many pages for each candidate, therefore, be accurate and write the document on a single sheet.



  • Choose a lightweight and nice style.
  • Categorize the information using indents and bullets.
  • Regarding the design, select a sober style, unless you’re a graphic designer or work in the field of communication. Set a basic font (italic, bold …) and keep it at all times.

Go get them! You can easily achieve the desired work position. Remember to follow the above so you can increase your chances of getting a fabulous job.

Author Bio: Steven is a former high-school teacher who now works for SolidEssay.com, which is a professional dissertation writing service, consulting students on how to structure their dissertation properly and make it stand out.