Could it be possible you are not aware of more than ten million job openings?  I think it is possible and I strongly believe that’s the case for most of you reading this.

LinkedIn Groups
I ran a search without any keywords, just under the networking category and there are 251,051 groups that showed up.

Each group has a jobs tab where recruiters are able to post openings at no cost.  These jobs are now listed under the category “career discussions”, within the jobs tab.

I went into a few of the groups and noticed there are at least 2 pages of jobs. Each page has about 20 postings listed totaling 40 positions.  Multiply the 40 and 251,051 and that gives a total of 10,042,040 job postings.

For those of you who are not active in LinkedIn groups or maybe not in any groups, I advise you to start using the groups as part of your daily job search research.

The groups are targeted for specific skill or location.  It’s a great way to see what companies are hiring and to check out the career section for other possible opportunities.

Set a goal of joining one group a day that is relevant to your skill set and geographic location.  Also search for specific job seeker groups such as Job-Hunt Help and Looking for a job?

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Cori Swidorsky