It’s important for college students to start gaining hands on experience as soon as their freshman year.  They don’t need to wait until their senior year to start positioning themselves to enter the workplace.

College students compete with thousands of other college students making it difficult to differentiate themselves and stand out over other students.

My nephew Andrew Sachais, is currently a sophmore at Georgetown University studying Economics. He is in the process of starting his own hedge fund and sharing his investment ideas on a blog.  Andrew writes for, sharing his insight and research on company stocks and investing.  Some of his articles include:

Odds are Against Sara Lee, Shorts and Puts Recommended

How High Can Google Go?

General Dynamics Looking Strong

In addition to his writing, Andrew spent a few weeks job shadowing the Managing Director of Citi in New York City during his summer break in 2010.  He is also in the process of finalizing some internships for his upcoming summer break.

When Andrew graduates college, he will have 4 years of hands on experience in his field, giving him a huge advantage over his classmates and other college graduates.  This is a perfect example of a college student starting early to position themselves to enter into the workplace.

Read and follow Andrew’s articles

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