Can social networking and online networking help in your job search? Do you feel that social networking was all about status updates, communicating with friends, uploading photos and videos? If yes, then it is time you updated yourself. These days, social media and social networking play a huge role in job hunting and job search.

How can social media and social networking help in job search? It is a valid question. Those days are gone when you uploaded a resume on job portals and recruiters contacted you. These days, there is stiff competition. Virtually, every recruiting firm or recruitment team has access to the job portals. Hence, everyone comes across the same resumes. Hence, recruiters and companies are looking for talent and creative employees on social media and social networking websites.

Social Networking and Job Search tips

You can communicate with friends on twitter or Facebook. Likewise, you can also mention your professional details in your profiles. Recruiters looking for suitable candidates can easily contact you if your professional and contact details are available in your social networking profile.

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