A job search requires a lot of time and energy.  It can burn people out very quickly, especially during the gloomy winter months!  I’m one of those people who become more sluggish during the winter and I’m so much happier in the spring, summer and fall.  I was job searching during the winter months and I remember feeling less energetic and motivated than I normally do.

It’s not easy keeping yourself motivated and focused on your job search.  I came across an article on Forbes.com about How to re-energize your job search

The article shares some really good tips such as finding others to job search with.  Sometimes we learn more when we are helping others and realize we should take our own advice 🙂  It also talks about not taking the “thanks, but no thanks” response personally.  I just had a conversation last week with a job seeker about not taking it personally.  The companies, hiring managers, recruiters, etc. are not out to get you or hurt you or make you feel rejected.  There are so many reasons why you may not get hired.  Listen, job seekers turn down jobs all the time, employers shouldn’t take it personally right?

Read the full article: How to Re-energize Your Job Search and keep up the motivation.

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