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I read your article about being laid off. I have been for quite a while. I started my own business in a very niche market. The business did not take off as planned due to a certain certification not obtained. Do I put my company on my current resume? I would look at that as a failure (as a hiring manager) but it took a huge chunk of time and effort.


Thanks for reaching out to me. I don’t think your business venture should be looked at as a failure! It wasn’t a failure, there were some obstacles and challenges that prevented you from moving forward.

Yes, I would definitely put it on your resume and I would suggest listing what you did to start up the business. There is a lot entailed in starting a business, a lot of leg work and research etc., those are all skills you have that could be used at another company.

When you are questioned about the business, I wouldn’t say anything about it failing and if you explain it right, a hiring manager won’t look at it as a failure either. It’s all in how you present it and how you come across.

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