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Hello Cori,
I am relocating to the Pittsburgh area straight out of college and am having many difficulties with my job search. I’ve come to a point where I’m just applying to anything I possibly might be qualified for because I want to get something. While I know this is a common practice for college graduates I feel that this is causing me to lose sight of what careers I’m actually interested in pursuing which would be event sales and/or public relations. Is there any advice you can provide me with, perhaps just pointing me in the right direction of where to start in these two fields. Thank you very much and I hope you have a great day!

Response from Recruiter
I appreciate you reaching out to me regarding your job search. I know how frustrating job searching can be and I think applying for anything you “possibly” could be qualified for could hurt your job search.

If you are targeting event sales and/or public relations, you should research the local companies that could possibly offer opportunities like that. Using LinkedIn is a great way to search for people with that experience, connect with them, and ask them for advice as a mentor to you. Also, by seeing the companies they work at, you can go directly to the company website and check out their career section.

Also, your resume should be focused on the types of positions you want to pursue. So if you have any classes, experience, internships, or school projects that are related to event sales or public relations, you should highlight all of that so when someone glances over your resume, they will feel you are worth talking to further because of your experience listed.

I would also pursue a paid or even non paid internship to get some experience and exposure to local companies, I would even suggest pursuing temp work, it shows you are working and that you are motivated to pursue a career. You can check out an article I wrote on how to make temporary jobs work for you.

Thank you,
Cori Swidorsky

Response from Job Seeker
Hi Cori,
First off I wanted to say thank you very much for your quick feedback it’s really appreciated. I’m definitely going to utilize your advice because just as anything else in life a job is not something I want to settle for when it comes to building a career. I’m willing to work from the bottom up, however, and I think your advice regarding temp positions is helpful.

Thanks again!

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