My recent recruiting project is assisting State Farm Insurance with their staffing needs.  As you can probably imagine, it’s challenging recruiting for the insurance industry because that industry isn’t a favorite of many people.  For those that do love the industry, are good at it, and are very successful, probably can’t understand why you wouldn’t want to be in the business.

So I found it funny when I came across this article today in the Wall Street Journal:  A Hot Job For Hard Times: Life- Insurance Agent

What a great article to refer to when talking with candidates about the opportunities I am working on.

The article talks about how the decline in real estate and mortgages, the market opened up for Insurance as a more stable long term choice, which in turn had companies needing to hire thousands of agents.  The article also goes into details about salaries Agents make over years time and is very open about it not necessarily being a high income position.

Read the full article

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