I came across this blog post in one of the Recruiting blogs I follow and thought it was worth sharing.  I know that when I worked in an office, there were plenty of co-workers that fit into some of the categories listed.  For all I know, I may fit into one of these categories!  🙂

Since I have been working in my home office for the last 4 years, I don’t have the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of co-workers one on one.  I’m not so sure I am missing out on too much after reading this post.

The blog post is titled Irritating co-workers.  The definitive list. Some of the categories include: The Slurper, The BackStabber, The Microwave Fiend, and the Sicky Thrower.

It’s a funny post and if you read it with some of your other co-workers, I’m sure you will have fun relating names of those you work with to the categories listed.

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