Being unemployed is not easy to deal with.  Fear starts to set in and we start wondering about how will we pay our bills and what if we don’t find something before our unemployment runs out.  If the economy and job market were in a better place, we would have more hope of finding another job quickly, but that’s not today’s reality.  Job loss can lead into depression and cause job seekers to become paralyzed in their job search.

I recently experienced that fear mentioned above.  At the end of July my recruiting project was downsized and I was unemployed for 2 months.  I had to make sure I stayed on track with my job search and keep myself motivated everyday.

Today I’m sharing 5 strategies to help you stay motivated during your job search:

  1. Set daily goals: There are so many steps in a job search and it can become overwhelming trying to do everything at once or to figure out what to do first.  Setting daily goals can help keep you on track and you will stay focused to accomplish what you need to.  For example, on day one, you can set your goal to getting your resume updated and researching effective resume formats and the best ways to ensure your resume will stand out against others.   On day two your goal can be to make a set number of contacts to people you know, announcing your job search.
  2. Stay organized: With all of the contacts you are making, interviews being scheduled, and career events you might attending, there’s a lot to keep track of.  Keep a calendar of interviews and events, get a notebook with dividers to keep track of contacts and connections.  When you start your day off knowing what you need to accomplish, being organized can help you achieve those goals and keep you focused.
  3. Connect with other job seekers: I have seen so many local support groups for job seekers formed over the past year.  Connecting with other job seekers helps to share frustrations and experiences with those who are in the same situation as you are.  Everyone likes to talk to someone who can relate to what they are experiencing.  Support groups for job seekers are a great way to stay motivated and learn about job searching strategies that you may not have thought about.  Some groups even offer job listings and resume services.  Talk with other job seekers, you aren’t alone in the job seeking world.
  4. Attend career and networking events: Job searching should not be limited to an online job search.  Getting yourself out there and meeting others face to face is a huge part of job searching.  Attending career fairs and networking events helps to make connections with employers and recruiters, allows you to use that elevator pitch you have been practicing, and can help you land your next job.  Research local networking groups and start attending their events.
  5. Take breaks: This last strategy is probably the most important one to staying motivated.  Job searching is hard work and is a full time job. Take a break in the middle of the day and take a walk, read the newspaper, attend to the housework that needs done.  Taking a break will revitalize you and some of the best  strategies may pop into your head while you are taking a break.

Job searching is not easy and I know from experience it’s difficult to stay motivated.   Make the choice to stay positive and utilize the 5 strategies above to keep moving forward in your job search.  You will find another job, but the key is, you have to take the steps to get there, it will not just happen by itself.