Flint, Mich., and Lincoln, Neb., have something in common: They are the two cities in the U.S. with the greatest difference between how many of their employers expect to add workers in the next quarter and how many expect to let them go. But that’s very good news in Lincoln, and very bad news in Flint.

In Lincoln, 21 percent of employers plan to hire soon, and only 4 percent plan to fire — a net difference of 17 percentage points. Pretty much the opposite is true in Flint, where 26 percent of employers are planning cuts to payroll and 9 percent are expecting to hire. That’s according to employment services firm Manpower’s latest United States Employment Outlook Survey.

Manpower surveyed 28,000 employers across the nation’s 201 metropolitan statistical areas, as defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. It measured what percentage expect to be hiring in the next quarter, between October and December of this year, what percentage expect to be firing, and then tallied the difference as “net employment outlook.”

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