When applying online, whether it’s through a job board or the company career site, you don’t know where the resume is going and yes it could be going into a black hole!

HR(human resources) is a part of the hiring process but they aren’t the ones making the final decision on who to hire, it’s the hiring managers that make the decision.

Human resources part in the hiring process could involve a few different areas.  If there’s a recruiting department or an individual recruiter, they are sourcing for candidates and screening the resumes that are coming in.  HR can also be involved with scheduling interviews and they are responsible for getting the paper work done for new hires.

If you are using a site like LinkedIn for making connections and job searching, I would suggest to initially connect with hiring managers or an employee instead of someone from HR.   HR gets bombarded with a lot of other responsibilities and you don’t know if your resume will be looked at or not. Getting your resume directly to a Hiring Manager, Project Manager, or Team Lead will increase your chances of having your skills and experience looked at.

Once you have connected with someone, it’s a great idea to follow up with HR to see if they know where you are in the process.

Cori Sachais – cori@sarammi.com