When job searching, it can be difficult to keep track of who said to contact them in a few days, which jobs you applied for, what career event is coming up, and what interviews are being scheduled.

Staying organized helps to keep you focused and is very important when it comes to job searching.  Here are 3 tips on staying organized during your job search.

  1. Create a daily schedule:  Creating a daily schedule for your job search will help to keep you on track and organized.  It’s much easier to know what you plan to tackle that day then to start your day with trying to figure out what you should do first.  Using a Daily Planner will help you schedule your job search for the day.  For example:  9:00 am to 10:00 am connect with 3 new people on LinkedIn.  10:00 am to 11:00 am apply to 5 new jobs.  Creating and following a daily schedule helps you to accomplish what you need to that day.   I like using Franklin Covey planners to help keep me organized. Save up to 80% at FranklinCovey
  2. Keep a Journal:  Journals are a great way to keep track of jobs you applied for, who you interviewed with, names of connections and referrals.  Going over your journal in the evening can help you plan for the next day, allows you to go back over what you have done during your job search, and is an excellent way to see your progress and hard work of your job search. Journals
  3. Pencil in career fairs and networking events:  Getting out and meeting people is crucial in your job search.  It’s more effective being able to talk with someone face to face and presenting yourself in a professional way when marketing yourself.  There are always career fairs and networking events going on and it could be difficult to get to all of them, in fact you don’t need to attend all of them.  If you pencil in on a calendar the upcoming career fairs and events, it will be easier to know which events you are able to attend and find out which events some of your connections might be attending. Pocket Calendars are a good way to keep track of events and career fairs.

I am a big fan of keeping organized and I love using my monthly planner for keeping track of both my personal and business schedule.  I have always liked using Franklin Covey products Great deals with FranklinCovey!, but there are many options when it comes to buying Planners and Organizers.

Remember, an organized job search is a successful job search.