Recruiters and hiring managers are spending most of their time looking for qualified candidates on the internet. So how will you be found? Well, you need to be present on the internet and there are several ways to do that. Here are a few suggestions on how to create internet presence for your job search:

  1. Blogs: Industry blogs are a great way to get exposure on the internet. You can get involved with others blog posts or even start your own. You can also start your own blog where you can include a link to your resume, a profile of your work experience, and posts related to your experience. For more information on starting your own blog, you can check out my Blog Resources article.
  2. Personal Website or Web Page: Getting your own domain is a great way to get internet exposure. You can add your resume, your blog, and keywords that would show up when recruiters and hiring managers are looking for candidates. Here’s an article with a list of personal website and web page resources.
  3. Groups: The internet is loaded with groups you can join for free. Google, MSN, and Yahoo offer groups as well as the professional and social networking websites. Join groups that you feel would benefit you with your job search.
  4. Alumni and Associations: Recruiters and hiring managers turn to Alumni and Association websites where they can see who their members are and target specific candidates. See if there are any alumni or associations that are suitable for you and get on their member list.

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Cori Swidorsky has been a residence of Pittsburgh for 17 years. Her experience includes 10+ years in recruiting and job search coaching. She’s the owner of Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Career Connection and A Recruiters Tips on Job Searching Blog. She successfully helps job seekers with learning creative techniques to finding a job and coaches recruiters on out-of-the-box thinking techniques. Sign up for the free Job Search Coaching Newsletter