By Cori Swidorsky

The information on a resume should be related to your career goals. It should be easy to read and someone should be able to glance over the resume and know who you are, how to reach you, the kind of work you are capable of doing, and why you are qualified to do that kind of work.

What to leave off of a resume

· Marital status

· Age/Sex/Race

· Date of Birth

· Height and weight

· Pets/Children/Hobbies

· Photo

· Salary information

· GPA ( if not a above 3.5 or if not a recent graduate)

· Unprofessional email address

· Social Security Number

· Political and Religious Affiliations

· Jobs more than 15 years ago

· Anything not directly related to the job

Authors Bio

Cori Swidorsky has 11 years of experience in the Recruiting Industry and coaching job seekers through a successful job search.  Cori is the owner of Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Career Connection, A Recruiters Tips on Job Searching, and Pittsburgh’s Job Search Buzz.