by Cori Swidorsky

A chronological resume is one that presents all of the jobs someone has had in detail and in chronological order. (Dates from the most recent to oldest)

It’s an effective resume for someone who has been in a steady career progression, moving to a better job each move with very little employment gaps. Usually the jobs are in the same field. Example: (Receptionist, Administration Assistant, Office Manager)

The format of a chronological resume

· Objective (Job Target)

· Summary (Career Profile)

· Experience

· Education

· References

This format is also good to use when a person is applying for a job that would be a promotion move, whether it’s an opportunity with a new company or applying within.

Sample of a Chronological Resume

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Cori Swidorsky has 11 years of experience in the Recruiting Industry and coaching job seekers through a successful job search.  Cori is the owner of Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Career Connection, A Recruiters Tips on Job Searching, and Pittsburgh’s Job Search Buzz.