Hiring managers always have certain hot buttons they look for when hiring a candidate and those hot buttons differ with each individual manager. Over the 10+ years of my recruiting career, there is one hot button that has remained consistent, Job Stability.

It’s important for a hiring manager to see job stability on a resume because it says a lot about that candidate.

  1. Loyalty: Employers want their employees to be with them long term and they spend a lot of time and money on training and trying to retain their employees. They want someone who is going to stay with their company and help it become more successful and profitable.
  2. Direction: Someone who has changed jobs often could be seen as a red flag that the candidate doesn’t have direction in their career. A manager wants someone who knows where they want to go with their career, not someone who wants to try out the job and then decide in a short period of time that they don’t like it.
  3. Personality and Behavior: A manager will wonder about a candidates personality and behavior within a working environment. They want someone who can get along with others and work in a team environment as well as independently. Managers like employees who will add to a positive working environment, not disrupt it.
  4. Future: Job stability shows that an employee is looking out for their future and wants to continue with the companies future. A manager looks for people who can move up within the company and help the company grow.

There are candidates I have worked with that have had bad luck with the companies they worked for, such as being laid off and then shortly after that, going to a company who went out of business. Those situations are out of an employees control, but outside of those scenarios, remember that job stability will always be a hot button for a Hiring Manager.

Cori Swidorsky
Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Career Connection