I came across an article in the March 25-31, 2011 Pittsburgh BusinessTimes about a service provider of natural gas compressors creating over 200 jobs.

Valerus Compression Services provides products and services in collecting and distributing natural gas.  The company has been installing and service gas compressors in the Marcellus Shale for two years.

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The company is first expanding it’s office in Fayette County.  A second service center will open beginning early next year in the Williamsport area.  There is also talk of a manufacturing operations in Pennyslvania.  Valerus bought 10 acres in Smithfield and possibly will get another 10.  If that happens, the Pennsylvania plant would employ anywhere from 150 to 300 people.

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Valerus Job Openings

The company is hiring people to put in their training academy.  They need to be capable of doing compression servicing in the field.  Valerus is looking for a mechanical background and there’s an upcoming class in April.

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