I came across an article on BNet.com called Business Blunders of the Year 2009.  Some of these blunders are funny while others are disturbing.

The list is described as being made up of managers, leaders, companies, and executives screw up’s such as stupidity, greed, and really bad timing.

The first blunder listed is about a YouTube video posted by Domino Pizza workers showing one of them sticking cheese up their nose and putting it on the food.  Check out the video for yourself Domino’s Pizza on YouTube.  What the heck were they thinking????

Another blunder mentioned is about a line of spa and beauty products for adolescent girls.  The products referred to as Bath Bombs or Bath Fizzies were recalled due to the caps popping off caused by build up of carbon dioxide.  Thirteen people were injured.  Read the article Exploding ‘Bath Bombs’ hurt 13.

Check out the full article for yourself:  Introducing the B-List: The 77 stupidest managerial moves and worst business blunders of 2009

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