Facebook is starting to become just as popular as LinkedIn when it comes to job searching.   Many professionals, business owners, and recruiters use facebook for both personal and professional networking.  Facebook also is used often during the hiring process to research potential candidates that have been interviewed.

Jump Start Social Media, a service offered by Digital Brand Expression, is offering a free downloadable guide for setting up and using facebook to support your career.  The offering is only until December 31, 2009, so be sure to grab your free copy.

I downloaded my copy of the free facebook guide and it’ a great step by step guide to using facebook.  Not only does it walk you through how to set up your account and profile, but it recommends do’s and don’ts when it comes to the type of information your profile should include.  The step by step guide also helps you with navigating through facebook and the various account settings that can be used.

Social media is definitely a hot topic when it comes to job searching.  Facebook is a social media tool worth learning for networking, job searching, and creating a personal brand.