I was recently contacted by Josh Stomel, the Founder of resumebucket.com, asking me to take a look at his site and inform job seekers about it.

Resumebucket.com offers resume editing, sharing, and accessing your resume from anywhere.  You upload your resume and resumebucket converts it into a web page and given it’s own unique URL so it can be viewed online.  You can store more than one resume and create a new resume using a resumebuilder that’s included in the website.  Resumebucket will also submit keywords from your resume to search engines such as Google and Yahoo, giving your resume online exposure.  If you want to keep track of how often your resume is being viewed, you can utilze the resume metrics which tracks how often your resume is being viewed daily, weekly, and monthly.

Additional perks the site offers is a blog that gives you tips on how to promote your resume URL to LinkedIn and Twitter, how to promote your resume using your resumebucket badge, and other job searching topics.

Resumebucketcom is a great additional resource helping you with your job search and it’s a free resource!