There are thousands of job searching books available to job seekers ranging from books on interviewing, resume writing, networking, and online job searching.  I like to buy and browse through job searching books for several reasons.  First, it helps me with my recruiting techniques to find out how job seekers are guided to look for a job.  Second, since I am a Job Search Coach, it helps to keep up to date on what books are available for job seekers and help to guide them on looking into purchasing them.

Here are a few recommendations on books I have either bought or browsed through and feel they are good resources for job seekers.

  1. The Job Search Solution I first learned of this book from the Dr. Phil Show 🙂  The author of the book was on the show giving advice to job seekers.  I haven’t bought the book myself (yet), but it’s definitely on my list to buy.  I have looked through the table of contents and it seems to cover a lot of ground when it comes to job searching.  I have also read through some of the reviews that are on (which there are 83 reviews) and the majority of reviews seem to be very positive.
  2. What Color is Your Parachute 2009 I bought this book last year and love it!  There is a lot of great information on job searching and tips and techniques that are well worth knowing.  I am always referring back to this book when I am a coaching job seekers or writing on new job search topics.
  3. What Color is Your Parachute 2010 I was thrilled to see that a 2010 version of this book is available!  I can’t wait to buy it and see what wonderful updates have been made.
  4. Job Hunting for Dummies I love the “Dummies” series books.  I have the Job Hunting for Dummies book and also still refer back to the book when assisting job seekers.  The book is filled with great tips and techniques and because of the simplicity of the book, it isn’t overwhelming when reading it.
  5. The Everything Job Interview BookThe Everything book series is very similar to the Dummies series.  These books are also filled with a lot of information and tips and is extremely easy to follow along with.

If you need assistance with your job search or want to get some new ideas and techniques to increase your chances of getting hired, the above recommended books are a great way to do that.

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Cori Swidorsky has been a residence of Pittsburgh for 17 years. Her experience includes 10+ years in recruiting and job search coaching. She’s the owner of Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Career Connection and A Recruiters Tips on Job Searching Blog. She successfully helps job seekers with learning creative techniques to finding a job and coaches recruiters on out-of-the-box thinking techniques. Sign up for the free Job Search Coaching Newsletter