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3 Strategies to use on LinkedIn for your career search

August 6, 2015


LinkedIn is still a strong and amazing resource for those looking for a job. For those of you who think it’s as easy as setting up a free profile and jobs will be knocking at your door, think again. Creating a LinkedIn profile and using the site to find your next opportunity is just like trying to […]

Ways to use the law of attraction with job searching

July 15, 2014


The simple definition of Law of Attraction is that “like attracts like.” Basically, we attract into our life the things we think about. Other meanings of the Law of Attraction include: By focusing on positive or negative thoughts, we can bring positive or negative results to us. Energy attracts like energy. You get what you […]

4 answers you shouldn’t use when asked where do you see yourself in 5 years

July 9, 2014


Most candidates I talk with really dislike the question of “where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?” I understand it’s a difficult question because truthfully, we don’t even know what we are going to have for dinner that night, no less know where we see ourself in 5 years. Unfortunately, it’s a […]

You are where you are supposed to be

February 27, 2014


Career Humor

February 27, 2014


Guest Post: How technology is going to change the work space in Middle East in 2014 and other future trends

January 2, 2014


Despite continuing economic challenges and uncertainty in global market, most companies will continue to hire as per a report by Manpower group.  The Middle East region, particularly paints a rosy picture of employment prospects for candidates in 2014. However more than the work opportunities, it the work area that is going to witness sweeping changed […]

Guest Post: 5 Tips to Get a Job in a Weak Market

December 30, 2013


Job market scenarios are never the same, there may be times when the job market remains inundated with opportunities and there may be days when finding a job turns out to be the most difficult task. The latter is very much certain in a weak and soft economy, where job seekers may toil hard to […]


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